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PayPal account hacked and the ensuing PayPal nightmare

My story goes like this. I received an email telling me that I’d made a PayPal transaction, which was news to me. The next email, a few minutes later, told me that I’d added a new email address.
I tried logging in to PayPal, but couldn’t. I tried the email recovery option from PayPal, which asked me to enter three possible emails that I’d associated with my PP account. I used the email address that PP had just used to contact me, plus two other likely ones, and the response was that none of them was recognized, WTF! I checked my bank account, and found that three fraudulent transactions had been made.
I then went about trying to contact PayPal, what a farce! I live in New Zealand, and there is no local contact phone number, so I tried to email PayPal. I discovered quite quickly that you can’t email PayPal if you can’t access your account, WTF! I then rang them in the US, but despite the phone I was ringing from being registered to my PP account, the automated system wouldn’t recognize it and kept suggesting I use the resolution center, which of course means being able to log in.
Eventually, I thought to try logging in using the new email address that had been added, and my original password, which luckily hadn’t been changed. I tried sending emails using the PP “Message Center” but I have no idea if they went through, because the Message Center always just displays “Your messages cannot be displayed at this time”. I managed to lodge disputes about the transactions, and today, six days later, and having heard nothing from PP, I went to check my account, hoping to see a refund. Instead, two of the transactions are showing as “Case closed”, with the explanation “A PayPal claims specialist has reviewed the case and determined that the claim does not meet the criteria for unauthorized use, so the case is now closed”. Not a word about why they reached that decision, and no attempt to contact me about it.
Having thought about it, I’ve realized that my Facebook account is more secure than my PayPal one. If I log in to Facebook from a different computer, they send me an text message to my phone with an authorization number, no such thing from PayPal.
My PayPay account is still open, in case they decide to refund me, but as soon as this debacle is finished I’ll be closing it. I warn anyone away from these incompetent, annoying, time wasting, untrustworthy idiots.

Posted: February 23, 2016 at 9:13 pm


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3 thoughts on “PayPal account hacked and the ensuing PayPal nightmare
  1. Mary Whitr on

    I just got a notice that ancestry . Com had charged my account $20 00 and some cents. I do not want this service, whatever it is, it was a mistake. If I ordered it I did not mean to, please cancel the order .

  2. David Maskell on

    I have just lost £300 due to my receiving an email from PayPal asking me to confirm receipt of the money and that I wanted to be paid. I was then advised it would take three weeks before the funds could be released! Tried to contact PayPal and that was a farce although I sent numerous emails. I am now down £300 and been told to contact the Police. Needless to say I have close my PayPal account and will now have to find the £300 to pay my partner back.

    Dave Maskell

  3. Peter valerio on

    Transfer money to bank account but it never got there. Calling PayPal did nothing they said they don’t know what happened. They tell me call the bank bank said there is nothing on there end so nothing they can do. Long story short I never got my money because some how it was my fault. If you don’t need to deal with them don’t.