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AboutPaypal.org is an Anti-Paypal website created with the sole purpose of exposing the horrors of doing business "The PayPal Way". We are committed to assisting the public in making an informed decision about PayPal.

This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Total cooperation with Paypal and they shut me down

I initially received an email from Paypal claiming they don’t have an address for me and my Paypal account has been limited even though my address was clearly there and I have used the same address ever since i joined … Continue reading

Paypal account frozen because of travels to Cuba

Paypal froze my account while I was collecting money for my friends to travel to Cuba to see family for the 1st time in over 10 years. They are completely legal to travel to Cuba, however paypal insisted we acquire … Continue reading

Paypal illegally access bank account information.

I am a retired Systems Application Specialist with many years experience in dealing with system and network security issues. Through a situation with PayPal my account was limited. Several years ago I had this happen and it disappeared after acouple … Continue reading

Frozen account for 6 months

Hi , I have been with paypal over TEN YEARS without incident, buying and selling on a regular basisand maintaining in the account an average of 1000 dollars at all time. Until mid september where I purchase a large lot … Continue reading

Paypal deposited money in to wrong account

I was having some medical problems and was in need of some extra cash so a friend from Texas sent it to me but it ended up in my deceased fathers old account and they would not give it to … Continue reading

Complete rip off with outrageous fees

Person orders product from us. Invoice is $6,128.05. The take 2.9%. Oh but wait, we paid for the ‘privilege’ of a Virtual Terminal. Now we have the honour of paying 3.1% + $0.30. Now since we have 2 paypal accounts … Continue reading

Anti money laundering policy certainly benefits PayPal

I recently sold couple of pokemon games on ebay and they worth considerable amounts of money totaling of $1000. Now currently my paypal account is being limited because of their anti money laundring policy. I have spoken to them several … Continue reading

PayPal is holding my funds despite stellar ratings

I have had my account for bout 6 months. About 2 weeks in they sent me a email an red flagged my account because of a nephew of mine in bad standings with his account. Since I had my account … Continue reading

Everything was great until one day

I used PayPal successfully for a decade. everything was great until one fine day, I went to transfer a grand from my account into my verified and confirmed bank account. Without reason the transaction was reversed and my acount blocked, … Continue reading

Banned from Paypal for helping a friend

Being an independent contractor, many of the companies I do work for paid via paypal. I also sort of used my account to receive funds for friends who couldn’t otherwise withdraw the funds from their own accounts and then wire … Continue reading