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PayPal Attacking Legit Account Holders

By Karl

Message Today, I received final notice that my PayPal account was being permanently suspended. Ive been working for weeks to restore it after an audit was triggered by two items I sold. I have no idea why I was audited, but the short of it is: 1. The auctions were 100% within policy, and completely legit. 2. The merchandise was delivered to the buyers as agreed, and they are 100% satisfied and 3. I provided EVERY document they requested, to verify and confirm the transactions and 4. I have a perfect transaction record on both PayPal and eBay. With all this, these dips**ts still took me offline, and are holding my money (over $1000) for 180 days. This can’t be legal . . . and if it is, may all these PayPal scumbags rot in hell. Please someone give me advice on how to get even. I read through all these stories and can’t imagine that these pieces of s**t can get away with this forever . . . K

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:05 am


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