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Paypal is trying to blame me for fraudulent transactions

On June 29, 2012, my PayPal account was used fraudulently for two transactions in England (I’m in the US). Two months later, one has been resolved and credited, but the other remains in Limbo. Each time I call, the first point of the CSR is to try to place blame on me… I must have given out my password, used PayPal on public WiFi, or have my password saved somewhere that it could be accesses. Nope. Nada. Someone HACKED PayPal, is that so hard to beleive? As of my last call today, I have gotten no further. They offered to send me a check for a refund that was LESS than the fraudulent charge, and told me they would have to charge me $1.50 to do so, and that if I wanted to dispute the difference and have a second check issued, that would also cost me another $1.50. How about put the full amount you owe me back on the original card? Nope. Nada. Going to call my bank now and see if there is anything they can do.

Posted: August 31, 2012 at 4:05 pm


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One thought on “Paypal is trying to blame me for fraudulent transactions
  1. JJ809 on

    Your bank should be able to help you with this much better then paypal is willing to do. Paypal treated me like a criminal when someone had used my account o print shipping labels to Finland instead of helping me get my money back and figure out who had hacked my account. That’s when I went to my bank and they were able to get me my money back and I havent used paypal since. They are the crocks not me.