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Paypal blocked my account for Money Laundering suspicions

I have had continual problems with Paypal, usually with my account being blocked for no apparent reason supposedly under Money Laundering suspicions. I have never sold anything on Ebay just use it for shopping (only purchased)nor received any money into my Paypal account.
I have had fraudulent transactions, which were concluded in my favour, but entailed endless contacts and requests for documentary evidence of my identity.
The call centre staff do not speak English well enough to understand even simple statements, and seem to reply from a stock sheet with the nearest suitable answer.
I have forwarded suspicious emails to spoof@paypal.com and received stock replies sating that the mail IS a spoof, then resent the same mail later and received a reply stating that it was NOT a spoof.
Paypal really needs to get it together is they wish to remain in business because at the rate they are going right now I don’t see them lasting long. THey are horrible towards their users which is the foundation of their business.

Posted: June 29, 2012 at 2:58 pm


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3 thoughts on “Paypal blocked my account for Money Laundering suspicions
  1. Mom on

    I have also been suspected by paypal for Money Laundering and it is so absurd that it made me laugh. I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids who sometimes uses paypal to shop for kids stuff on ebay. Some days I don’t even have time to shower when in the world would I have time to launder money I have enough laundry as it is lol. I only had like $3 in my paypal account when it got limited but I can see how this can become really frustrating for people who actually depend on paypal for payment collections. I havent used my paypal account since and it is probably just a good thing that it happened because the kids got more toys then they can play with.

  2. Bob on

    they do this to every paypal account its NORMAL you just need to send them your ID or something that proves that your that person
    theyl unblock and remove that limitation or even call them most ppl that make a anti paypal topic have done mostly something wrong it could be the tinniest thing
    paypal cannot take something from you without reason
    iv been using paypal for over 5 years and i got a verified business account NEVER had any problems with paypal

    • lee on

      paypal can and does take from you when you havnt done anything wrong, they suspended me after they asked for all my info and reciepts and proof of postage ect ,all was sent and they still kept my money for 180 days, yet they would not say why They were robotic in any explanation it just didnt make sense,i listed my wedding and engagment rings 40 years old ,broken marriage thought id be better off selling them and some other jewelery but pay pal dont listen ,neither does the ombudsman ,they just wait for pay pal to not respond [like they do] and then you have to start again ,im a grandmother and honest person who needs to move on yet they dont look at you as a person ,just a money bag Pay Pal are earning milliond of dollars every day by this type of conduct on their sellers and buyers, but mostly sellers .