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Paypal is blocking me from using my credit card online

Having tried to pay a merchant today using a credit card, I got a msg saying that I could’t pay with that card as it was associated with an existing PayPal Account and I should log-in to that account. I have no PayPal Account.

When i called the PayPal helpline, I was advised that I transaction I had made with a merchant (OptionTown) earlier in the year had resulted in an account being organised so that the transaction between OptionTown and Paypal could be processed. I had (1) no idea this account was created and (2) would never have a chance of logging-in to it as I do not know the details. Therefore Paypal have wrongly blocked my ability to enter into a online transaction with a merchant who uses the PayPal clearance system.

Surely there’s something criminal about this PayPal activity ?

Posted: June 30, 2014 at 6:39 pm


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