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PayPal doesn’t care if fraud is happening

My Problem with pay pal is I have taken a payment.It looks like the payment was made by a person with no association to the account who wants me to deliver to an address with no association to the account. This person supplied me with a false phone number with a 494 area code. (Does not exist in USA) I have the money for the item. The buyer says in no way should I ship it to the address associated with the account.
I am ready to refund the money to the account used but I would like the account owner notified that this person tried to use their account under a false identity and have items shipped to another address.
I am unable to make contact with the account owner by e-mail and Pay Pal seems to care less if the owner knows or is made know what is going on.
I would want to know if someone was doing this with my account.
It is no wonder so much fraud exist when it is so hard to do anything or even make the account owner aware it could be going on.
Pay Pal’s only advice is refund the money and not worry about it.

Posted: December 4, 2014 at 7:41 pm


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