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Paypal doesn’t care about “little people”

I have had a $400 line of credit (“smartconnect”) account for more than five years. Due to password problems, and PayPal customer “support” telling me they couldn’t help me, I paid off the balance in full. Fast forward one month. PayPal *canceled* my dopey $400 line of credit and refuse to reinstate it and tell me I “no longer qualify” – even though I never made a late payment – ever. And – insult to injury their customer “support” tells me that *I* requested the account to be closed. Uh, no. So, obviously the costs of floating people like me who need the $400 to get through various holiday seasons, they find any reason to close your account and then “aren’t able to reinstate” and “you no longer qualify.”

Posted: September 16, 2014 at 7:22 pm


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