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PayPal charged credit card I never gave them the number to

I tried to buy an item that I “won” and couldn’t understand why it kept going to PayPal when I didn’t sign up for it. I had a Paypal account 5 years ago and they still had my old debit card number on it. So when I checked things out, I noticed that the last four digits of the credit card on my PayPal account was not frommy debit card, but from a credit card I put away after paying it off completely. I had no intention of using that card except for emergencies. And then to my horror, I found out that the 3 purchases I made were credited to this credit card through PayPal and not to my debit card. So now I have to go down to the bank with my credit card and pay them the balance!!! I did not want a balance on that card so that my credit rating would be restored -and PayPal screwed that up! I did manage to make the present and fourth purchase on PayPal through my debit card –but I will never do business with Ebay again as soon as I “win” the last item and make the purchase. that will be the very last time I will deal with Ebay or PayPal ever. I will close both accounts so that I will not be another horror story. Now I have to deal with the scary thought that they had access to my credit card number without my telling them. Seems illegal to me…

Posted: February 1, 2013 at 5:53 pm


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One thought on “PayPal charged credit card I never gave them the number to
  1. Michelle on

    They did this but with my bank account.I clearly checked off the “pay with credit card” option, but Paypal charged my bank account. I didn’t have the money in the account in the first place.

    I called Paypal,they said there must have been a payment error. I said no. Then I called the credit card, they said no. They even said I use Paypal all the time so there wouldn’t be an issue! I called Stubhub.. where I purchased from, they said there wasn’t an issue.

    So now I have to deal with the bank. Ugh. Stupid Paypal.