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Paypal had no right to close my dispute without my verification

To Paypal/Ebay (time you stop ignoring me)

You people have totally dropped the ball here I certainly thought you are to protect the buyer but I was wrong as I filed a dispute on a seller that was paid on Sept. 28th and it is now Oct.29th without my product, you closed my dispute without my acceptance or me receiving the product because the seller gave you a tracking # on the product, the seller saying that he shipped the product twice as I never receive or there was any record of a tracking # the first time.
The second time finally a tracking # was received the product got lost with Canada Post between the post office and the mail box in Vaughan as they are not able to find the parcel, the seller also had a no request for signature on a valuable product that doesn’t make sense at all as parcels have an easier way of disappearing. I was told by Canada Post to contact your seller to see if he had insurance. This product was stolen or placed in some else’s box in Vaughan which has nothing do do with me as Im still without my product and out $104.98 that I want back credited to my Visa asap or I will file FRAUD charges against your seller who is a very shady seller, Ebay and Paypal who should of never closed my dispute with the buyer, before the buyer was satisfied by receiving my product.

Paypal had no right to close my dispute without my verification

Posted: October 29, 2014 at 6:42 pm


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