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PayPal closed my business over night.

I have a eshop and have been building up over the past 3 years with no problems last week i had a customer who had bought 8 of the same items and after having them for more than 60 days deiced that two were faulty or broke wanted a replacement.
I was more than happy to replace the items but the person wanted the me to send the items before he would sent back the faulty ones even after I had sent a returns postage label to him for free return shipping.
As i refused he put a complaint straight into paypal for all 8 items which after 60 days paypal closed the claim but also limited my account.
Paypal asked for all sorts of information and i was happy to upload this to them but before i had time to give them what they wanted they decided that they would freeze my account for 180 days closing my business over night.

Posted: December 5, 2012 at 5:35 pm


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