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Paypal Credit (think twice about this)

First time to post something like this, but others need to know.

I was attempting to pay a bill using Paypal and in my payment options the main one that came up was PayPal Credit. Since I use PayPal as a credit or payment source I figured this was just the normal way and they would pull the payment from my checking account which is what I have setup.

NOPE: The pulled a credit report (lowering my credit score) and gave me a huge credit line. Additionally reducing my credit score. When I called up to ask that they fix this, they proceeded to explain to me the difference in the companies and how this was a credit line and not a credit card. Never offering to FIX the problem. My quick solution was to cancel the account and to repay my bill the traditional way (harder to do now that they are pushing their credit card).

I really do not like that they are pushing their own credit card system.

Posted: April 22, 2015 at 6:40 pm


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