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Paypal let a customer commit FRAUD

We did a sale which involved a 20 pallet container, it was shipped Nov 11th 2013, 1 week later it arrived via semi to train to semi from Los Angeles Ca to Atlanta Ga. a $40,000 transaction. Customer prepaid. After the arrival to the customer he filed a claim that items we damaged and broken in transit, which the shipment was insured but he filed a claim with paypal. Claim was filed Dec 24th 2013. We agreed to change out the broken product but he would have to send back the broken items and then nothing.

On Dec 24th Paypal put a freeze on our acct, Fast forward to Jan 8th 2014, Paypal still could not get the customer to comply. The customer filed 2 more claims that product was not revcd and put additional hold on our acct. They asked for a tracking number, being it was not UPS Fed Ex or US Mail there was no tracking number just a load number that the shipping company provided, we forwarded the bill of lading also the load number showing customers signed it. Paypal closed the case in the customers favor, so not only did we lose 40,000 in product , we lost $40,000 , a $80,000 lose. I called paypal last Friday and talked to a supervisor and she called the shipping company while I was on the phone and she confirmed that the shipment was sent and delivered. Saturday morning we got a email from paypal saying it closed the case in the favor of the customer due to no tracking number.

Posted: February 4, 2014 at 5:30 pm


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2 thoughts on “Paypal let a customer commit FRAUD
  1. glen on

    I can only imagine your anger here. Maybe you should look at taking this thru the legal system $40,000 is a lot of money to loose no one can afford to loose that sort of money. while i agree paypal SUCKS you gotta question the ethics of this person doing this to you.

  2. Barrack Osama Bin Ladden on

    i may terror attack PayPal HQ and all branch if they did this shit to me