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Paypal demanded transaction history from 2 years ago.

I got an email from PayPal saying my account had been restricted but they gave me no reason why so I contacted them asking what had I done wrong, Paypal replied saying I had to supply then dates, transaction No’s and names and addresses of the last 15 items and they wanted tracking numbers for all those transactions too. Problem was I didn’t have all the information as this dated back over 2 years, who keeps tracking info this long?!?

I did type up all the info I had on these transactions which took me hour and sent it to them, this was now 3 weeks past the suspension of my account. They did not contact me for weeks I had to chase them up and all they said was they needed ALL the info so I called them and told them I did not have this info and asked why, after being a paypal member since 2008 did they suddenly think I was some kind of crook, they just repeated that without the info they could not remove the restrictions on my account. I was so F’ing ANGRY by this point, I refused to get off the phone till they let me speak to a manager. Eventually they gave in and let me speak to a manager who after hearing my problem pressed a few buttons and pow my account was unlocked. It’s as if they limit your account for the sole purpose of F’ing with you. What angered me the most was the lack of information, to this day I have no idea why PayPal did what they did.

Posted: May 16, 2013 at 5:54 pm


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