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PayPal Double Whammy

By Cleide

About a month ago I got an order from someone for a piece of jewelry and along with the jewelry they wanted some cash sent. It was supposed to be for a friend getting married on the next weekend in Ukraine. I guess I should have thought this a little strange, but went along with it. They deposited 1122.00 in my paypal and I sent the jewelry and the money to the name and address they gave me. Every was OK for a couple of weeks, then one morning when I got up logged on to my paypal because I had a few things sale overnight so went to check my balance. To my surprise, my balance show -1013.00. When I checked my email paypal informed me my account was frozen for investigation and I had be defrauded. I have been locked out since then can’t receive payments or anything.

When I call (6 times) I get quoted the agreement, that’s all. Well I have just given up. They have shut down my business, so my husband decided to start selling on his account to help me out. Within a week they had locked his account and took $400.00, because they say I transfer the money to his account, which I did for an airline ticket when he was in Miami. They don’t care. The original fraud amount was 1122.00 which they took from me and now they took 400.00 from my husbands account. $1522.00?? Does that even make any sense?? I don’t think so. We need to get together for a class action suit!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 12:07 pm


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