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Paypal earning interest holding up funds???!!!

I used the Bill Me Later, a Pay Pal service to purchase a fundraiser item from an extremely reliable organization on 09/07/2012. Pay pal is holding the seller’s funds so they cannot pay the vendor and over a month later I’m still waiting for my item, but Bill Me Later has had the nerve to send me a billing statement. Granted it was interest free for six months, but the six months should NOT start until my item has shipped. I see now that PayPal has a history of this activity in an attempt to earn interest from the money. This is not a good business practice. I would like this matter resolved IMMEDIATELY. Not only are you screwing me over, you are screwing over the kids whom the charity I purchased from supports. SHAME ON YOU PAYPAL. I will NOT be using your service again.

Posted: October 16, 2012 at 4:50 pm


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One thought on “Paypal earning interest holding up funds???!!!
  1. Jack Olantern on

    Bill me later has been after me for months and I am refusing to pay what they claim i owe. There didn’t send me an invoice for over 3 months and when it arrived it had a bunch of late fees on it, not my fault. They said I should just pay what I owe and they would cancel the late fees. So I did. Now I have them calling me day and night demanding that I pay the late fees and I WILL NOT!