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Paypal, the easy way to lose your money and business

My business is down!

First of all, i was using PayPal because of the global coverage, then when i was getting more and more sites who deliver my income..

Error after error my supportmail is exploding with complaints from customers, why?

My Mercant ID disappeared! i couldn’t sign to my pp profile & settings, all i was getting was a : Server disconnect error, when i contacted support they asked for my personal ID code which i cannot reach, because its in the same member environment, so they “unfortunately” could’nt reach!

After that they wanted me to send (by postal) a copy of my passport, “unfortunately” this was not enough to identify my personality.

Now.. what exactly do they want? ohh i know now! i have to buy a plane ticket and get my ass @ PP so maybe i can “refresh” their memory!

Cheap way for online sales? my ass! (sorry for the language, you can cut that out if you want)

Now.. my service is down for more than 5 stores & sites, members are seeking other solutions, and i can hardly find another solution that is affordable. So why is PP dominating this market?

Only so they can do anything they want?
Anyway its NOT because they are respectable company that shows how business needs to be done!


The Netherlands

Posted: August 10, 2012 at 3:03 pm


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4 thoughts on “Paypal, the easy way to lose your money and business
  1. Samantha Shering on

    Paypal really is a horrible company to use and it is NEVER their fault. Always the customers doing something wrong. I wish they would learn to take responsibility for their actions. This is a useless company that steals from anyone who uses them

  2. Heather Hackly on

    Disappearing merchant numbers in a slow business economy is never a good thing. I have a little paypal story myself. I signed into my account one day and received a notice in red that my services were not limited. I am a upstanding citizen, always pay my taxes, and an over a-ok person so I was surprised to see this. Anyhow… I clicked on the message and it turns out that my funds were being held because the transaction size was uncommonly large. I sent in an invoice of the product, a utility bill, copy of my passport, and tracking/shipment notification. Even after all that they held my funds for 6 months. What a crock.

  3. Margret Ross on

    I think paypal is so popular because they claim to be free (they are not) and it is very easy to sign up for Paypal. What happens after you sign up with them is far from fast and easy. Their verification is a nightmare and the documentation they require you to send in is ridiculous. And the whole time you are trying to get verified they are holding your money. The verification should be part of the application process and then you are done with it.

  4. Tammy G on

    Paypal has forced me out of business. They move, deduct or attempt deductions regardless of if I have contacted them mulitple times to request that they seize from using a particular account. This has resulted a closed account to reopen and negative fee balances.
    I’d lik eto move forward in filing suit against them now. They are NOT above the law or customer service values! I wish I’d never done business with them!