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Paypal said email send by them was Phishing email

I made a non-ebay sale on a forum recently and the Paypal email I received was a bit different than I’m used to, but I didn’t give it any thought. There was a button that said “claim your money” and, when clicked, took me to the Paypal site. The money hadn’t showed up. I called Paypal and described the email to them, and they told me that it was likely illegitimate because
a)it was addressed to my email, not my personal name, and
b) it had a button to link to Paypal.
She assured me that Paypal would NEVER under any circumstances send an email that had either of those features. She had me send them the email and I got a response back say that it was definitely a phishing attempt.

So Paypal identified the email as fraudulent, but the links seemed to take me to the legitimate “Verisigned Paypal” site. Also, the buyer had given me his home address and phone number and just didn’t seem like a crook…just nored flags.

I sent him a copy of the response and asked him to explain it. He said he couldn’t. I told him that he would need to clear things up with Paypal, but that I obviously couldn’t ship without money in my account. He made a few phone calls over the next couple of days and sent me a “response” from Paypal’s customer service saying the money was made out to the email address associated with my account and that the problem was on my side.

So I call Paypal again. Same story, I send the email and they say it’s a phishing scam. I tell her that the guy doesn’t seem like a thief and she laughs at me. Finally, against her wishes, I have her look at the buyers account. LO and BEHOLD, there is a payment made to the email address associated with my account and it’s unclaimed. She had me jump through a lot of hoops, but in the end the buyer had made the payment to my email address with the first letter capitalized, and my address was registered with Paypal with a lower case letter. That should not make a difference! She had me delete my association with the lower case version, and re-establish a relationship with the upper case version. The funny thing is that I had to enter it with an upper-case letter , but it still records the email on Paypal’s site with a lower-case letter. As soon as I did that the money appeared in my account. I asked the women why they called the previous email illegitimate when it clearly came from them and she really couldn’t answer that…something about the recognition software being incorrect.

So, not Paypal at their most evil, but certainly inept. Case sensitive email addressing? That’s dumb.

Posted: July 8, 2014 at 6:57 pm


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