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Paypal didn’t fight the chargeback

I’m not a professional eBayer. I mostly buy things on eBay. Recently I sold a vintage rare guitar on eBay for $2,350. The guitar had just been refurbished by a factory authorized luthier. It was in mint condition. I had to open an unpaid item case against the buyer as he wouldn’t pay for item. He finally paid but then wanted to return the guitar. My listed clearly stated ‘No Returns’. The buyer then showed me a picture of a scratch on the guitar. I referred him to the pictures of the guitar I had posted on the listing showing no scratch. I had the luthier contact the buyer who said to him that he did not read the ad carefully and did not want a refurbished guitar. The fact that it was refurbished was clearly stated in the ad. He went directly to his credit card company and had them do a chargeback. He didn’t use eBay or PayPal resolution. Paypal didn’t fight the chargeback even though I supplied them with a lot of proof to his con game. Now I owe PayPal $2,350 and I don’t have my guitar. This is criminal. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Posted: December 4, 2012 at 8:14 pm


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2 thoughts on “Paypal didn’t fight the chargeback
  1. Sadie on

    Paypal never fights chargebacks for you. You would have to do that yourself. They parbably never even looked at what you sent them and most certainly didn’t submit it as evidence for the chargeback investigation. You are on our own when using paypal.

  2. vader on

    Small claims court.