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Paypal, fix your flawed system


The case you are writing me about is an example of why your system dose not work 100% of the time this buyer bought a item for $50.00 and then realized that it was going to cost 3x that for shipping and decided she did not want it any more that should not be allowed if you contract to purchase it is not the buyers responsibility to refund your money if you can not complete your transaction you forfeit the item and payment this is common language in all auction buyer-seller agreements.

In all my other claims the items have been damaged in shipping and again the auction industry standard is the sellers responsibility ends when the freight is excepted by the shipping company at this point sellers obligation has been fulfilled in my opinion paypal needs to brush up on its understanding of the law the seller can not be held responsible for any item after it is delivered into the shipping company’s systems unless it is not as described then the seller has an obligation that has not been filled and owes the buyer the proper item or a refund.

So I would like to urge paypal to take note of this fault in their system and make changes accordingly any shipping or freight company will tell you if a item is damaged by them in transit do not except the delivery then you have a claim but if you except the delivery chances are they will not honor any post delivery claim and again please review your policy and explain to me how this becomes the sellers fault.

I would enjoy getting a response from some one at paypal that has the authority to challenge this flaw in your system and who understands what I am talking about

Posted: September 28, 2012 at 4:25 pm


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One thought on “Paypal, fix your flawed system
  1. danny on

    Paypal is not going to change their system because the are making money. Every quarter their earnings reports go up so why change. Yes us users would love to see a change but that’s just not going to happen as long as profits are on the rise, oh the beauty of capitalism. If you don’t like it take your business somewhere else.