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Paypal is holding funds from Ebay sales

Started downsizing so we we thought it would be a good idea to list things on Ebay. Sold the first set of items (have a lot more by the way), customers paid for them, used ebay to buy and print up postage and shipping labels, customers received the items faster then expected, feedback is 100 percent positive and now my money sits in paypal without the funds being released. I don’t know when my money will become available to me. And try to get a response as to why has been impossible! Been verified and I am not a small time customer for them. Have moved thousands of dollars through them over the last few years so thinking I should get a little respect, having a track record, at least be treated better then the person selling a 10 dollar item once a year. But not the case. Sad way they treat their customers and a sure way to lose many.

Posted: October 29, 2012 at 4:44 pm


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One thought on “Paypal is holding funds from Ebay sales
  1. Phil on

    11 years I have been with paypal no major problems, got great feedback maybe 1 dispute/year which I have won all. And now paypal is telling me I have to wait 21 days after a customer makes a payment until I get my money. Who the fuck does paypal think the are?? THer are not holding my funds no more that’s for sure. I am in the process of taking my business elsewhere. So much for 11 years.