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PayPal is holding my funds despite stellar ratings

I have had my account for bout 6 months. About 2 weeks in they sent me a email an red flagged my account because of a nephew of mine in bad standings with his account. Since I had my account it takes weeks before funds are released and a month on a few. I have 100 percent positive feedback with over hundred total feedback an they still hold my funds based off someone else’s account. Everytime i ask bout account I get run around an no questions answered just prompt reading to me. Also I sold some tickets to amusement park an they were stolen out my car so I promptly refunded all buyers an helped find cheaper tickets. A few days later ebay suspends my buyer account an I’m like wth what the hell did I do as a buyer. I have 100 percent positive feedback an no neg at all seller rating is 5 star no complaints. An account gets suspened. An I get an excuse of to many complaints then to many refunds asked for an ive never asked for a refund once but I told a seller a remote didn’t work an he said keep it an refunded my account only refund ive received. Also get penealized for buyers not paying. I open a case an ebay says I open to many cases. Immune if buyer doesn’t pay that’s what I’m supposed to do. I got tired of the bs an stop listing an buying then they raised my selling limit an receiving of funds. Wow thanks now I can list 50 things an get a total of 1000 an no more in a month total joke if you ask me

Posted: September 13, 2012 at 5:50 pm


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2 thoughts on “PayPal is holding my funds despite stellar ratings
  1. GiGi on

    There is just no pleasing paypal. I had my paypal account for years and followed all rules and regulations they have in place, perfect ratings and only positive feedback. Yes I had a few refunds that I had to issue but that shouldn’t be something that you get penalized for. Well paypal shut my account down for “security reasons” that I never got to fund out what they were. My appeals were denied and I haven’t been able to use paypal for over 2 years now.

  2. Danny Loops on

    I was a power seller for 4 years and successfully managed several paypal accounts. I logged in one day to find that one account had been comprised which set off a chain reaction to all my others. Paypal did absolutely nothing to apologize for the inconvenience, the opposite happened, they came across as inconvenienced by my questions and need of assistance. After my funds were deposited (which took weeks) I moved all my business to a paypal/ebay alternative. I will never work with them again! My point being, they don’t care about your stellar ratings or impeccable business history. I have a theory that they are just trying to flip accounts to keep their user ratings/sign ups high. They suck!