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PayPal is Holding my refund!

I made a Walmart purchase using paypal over a week ago, paypal debited my account the very same day. Later that day the order was canceled by Walmart because the item was out of stock, Walmart refunded paypal the same day. It is a week later and I still am not able to get the refund from paypal because I authorized another order to be paid from my BANK ACCOUNT! They are two separate orders with separate funds, who the hell is paypal to decide that it is okay to hold my refund and use it to pay for another order (that by the way, is still pending because it is out of stock, don’t know how long this will take to conclude!!!!) instead of just debiting my account as I authorized, and refunding me for my Walmart order! This is my money, not theirs and this order was for someone else, now I owe them the money for the order that was canceled but thanks to paypal I do not have it!!!!

Posted: July 22, 2015 at 6:38 pm


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