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Paypal illegally access bank account information.

I am a retired Systems Application Specialist with many years experience in dealing with system and network security issues. Through a situation with PayPal my account was limited. Several years ago I had this happen and it disappeared after acouple of weeks. At that time there was nothing pressing for me to use my account for. I was only a buyer who had money transfered into my account from the bank so I could use for a possible purchase. After contacting customer service who could only say that “these things usually go away in week or so”, shrugged it off and after a couple weeks checked my account. It was fine. Never thought to analyze the situation.

The recent occurance that started 11/2/2012 was different in that one of the transactions I initiated was quite urgent. I took screenshots of the transaction, my account pages, and emails so I had all the information right in front of me when I called customer service. The entry screen on my paypal account stated that my account had been limited and the reason for this was ” there appears to be suspicious activity on the bank account linked to your paypal account” . They did not say “suspicious activity on your paypal account”. Information on anyones bank account except a “yea or nay” that a person has an account is illegal. The only enitys that can obtain this information legally is the individual, the government, law enforcement (via a warrant) or the financial institution itself. I confronted customer service with that question and many others and received no substanitive answers other than ” these things usually take a few days and the limitation will be lifted.

Since I am retired and have nothing but time my curiousity became aroused, I was irritated, not angry. Had it notbeen for the necessity of getting some money to my daughter, I might have sat back and just let the thing run its course. Since customer service was not very enlightening and the website was a series of deadends , I started doing some research problems other people had. I started noting a pattern to these problems. There is a pattern but, because it is obscured by many complaints that only vaguely make sense through lack of detail in a logical progression of the situation. In most cases they are nearly in coherent because of the anger over the colateral damage the situation caused.

Observations, facts, and saved information are the only way approach this. Emotions or revenge will not accomplish this.

Posted: November 13, 2012 at 5:03 pm


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One thought on “Paypal illegally access bank account information.
  1. andy on

    Paypal limited my account for the exact reason ” there appears to be suspicious activity on the bank account linked to your paypal account”. I closed my bank account and opened a new one and never used paypal again. They have no right to have any access to what I do with my money in my bank account that is my business and my banks business not paypal. And what is so suspicious about paying bills, buying grocery and the occasional trip to walmart and home depot? That is what my bank account had been used for that month.