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PayPal is not letting me close my account

Long story short, I bought a laptop charger on eBay, and tried using paypal to pay. It (paypal) wouldn’t let me add my credit card or do anything, and said I had to call them.

So I call them, and they said they believe I am high risk, and that I have some other account where I owe them money. They didn’t say how much I owe. I tried closing the account, but they said I’m not allowed to close my account (has a 0.00 balance), they said it has to remain open.

Now I’m worried they will try coming after me for an unnamed amount of money. I’ve already contacted my Province’s Consumer Services (It’s a division of government supposed to help consumers) but I’m still worried I’ll have collection agencies sent after me for money I don’t even owe.

I guess I need help with, is what I should do and what I should say if they try come after me. So far they haven’t told me anything about the money I supposedly owe them, so maybe I won’t even here from them again? I had them remove my bank account and I removed my home address from paypal (I don’t want my personal info just sitting on an account I can’t use or close).

Posted: November 20, 2014 at 7:04 pm


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One thought on “PayPal is not letting me close my account
  1. admom on

    Ebay and Paypal will never close your account and nothing we can do about it. When they had that breach people probably don’t even know there info is still locked up in there. Once you make the mistake of signing in with them you are locked forever and that is a bunch of foolishness should be against the law. I want all my accounts deleted but I know what do changed all my debit cards I had on paypal I had a paypal for a year and today all of sudden they linked it to an account 2 years ago and said I owed money. But yet I can’t get inside to see what I owe suppose to take there word for it. They crazy. So now the account I used just to buy stuff they restricted and I had some pending stuff I did yesterday and they don’t care. I am done with Paypal been done with Ebay. I don’t want my bank info sitting in cyber space like that I don’t even know what is on the other account. How you going to tell me I can’t buy something if I don’t have the money I can’t buy stupid people. I told the man on the phone if anything has paypal only I won’t be buying from it ever again in life. I am done.