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Paypal Limited Account

Yesterday I received funds from 2 unknown Paypal users that added up to $850 usd. The transactions were under review and my account was limited.

The following day I called Paypal after the money had been reversed and asked what had happened, they refused to give me any information and said my Paypal account would be permanently limited and I wouldn’t be able to gain access to my funds for 180 days. After countless minutes talking to this brick wall of an “employee” I asked to speak to someone else, he then refused to put me onto someone else and he said there is nobody he can transfer me to and that “they will not tell me anything different”.

I then called again and they told me someone had sent money from stolen credit cards. After a while I managed to get them to review it.. I have to admit I am not very confident in them after that.

I really don’t understand how it is my fault for people’s personal details being leaked, I mean… am I really being punished for people’s incompetence? With that being said can anyone just send money to a random person using stolen cards and get their account and money frozen?

Posted: January 13, 2014 at 8:52 pm


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