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Paypal now major ripoff company

Without fine detail, I’ve been a Paypal user since its inception in 1998. paypal grew too big and too fast. Now it no longer cares about it’s customers, paypal tried to charge me $15 for a $25 money transfer, if you call to get a problem fixed, first thing you have to do is go in circles with their useless auto-answering system that hung up on me twice, then IF you can get a live human being on the phone, you get some ragheads in the PI that can hardly speak English, three of witch hung up on me because they didn’t understand the problem, and if you ask to speak to someone in the United States, again, I was hung up on three more times just for asking. If you email their customer service, you get a email that makes no sense, or loops you to a place that says that this problem cannot be fixed on line, please call CS, so now your in even a bigger loop.
There was a time that paypal was a trusted company that cared about it’s customers and actually took care of it’s customers. Now there is “ZERO” customer service, and the only thing paypal cares about is making the big buck, and that includes stealing money from accounts. I know for a fact that they took money from my account before I was able to completely close it.
I would no longer trust or recommend paypal to anyone for anything.

Posted: November 26, 2014 at 6:58 pm


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2 thoughts on “Paypal now major ripoff company
  1. Joe on

    Paypal limited my access to my funds and can not get anyone to address my issue. All I want is my $$$ they are holding back for no valid reason.. Calling them only to be hung up after waiting for more than half hour each time? Simply a most unethicial corrupt organization. They take $ out of your account for various reasons without permission.
    Do not use them!

  2. Joe on

    Pay pal is as corrupt as it gets, make no mistake on this issue