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PayPal is taking money from my bank account and denying it

Paypal keep taking money out of my bank account every time I buy from ebay uk even when i purposely choose pay with card instead of paypal to bypass the tossers as i have had nothing but hassle with them for as long as i can remember! Currently they have frozen my account as they could not authenticate me (after 3 years of using them!!!!) Now they keep taking 62 -69 p every ebay transaction – which they insist they havn’t but my bank and bank account statement say they have – as it’s not in my a/c! So if it’s not in my bank or paypals where the F**k is it?! They are just a nightmare and make me see red when ever i have anything to do with them and even when i try hard to bypass them and not use paypal – i still end up calling them to ask where my F***king money is! I’m on a budget and every penny counts to me – they are messing with my bills been paid due to insufficient funds cos they keep taking money out without permission and whenever they choose it appears – then deny all knowledge of it!!!!!!!!!

Posted: August 23, 2013 at 7:21 pm


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