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PayPal took my money and tried to blame eBay

After three weeks of Paypal holding my funds for an international transaction, and paying for shipping costs which exceeded the original shipping costs, my customer received his item. Five days went by and he had buyer’s remorse. My customer was even provided with a bonus bicycle part, but neither did he return the bicycle or the bike frame when he filed a complaint. Five days later the money in my PayPal account vanished, PayPal said Ebay went into my account and took the money. A PayPal rep also agreed this and many incidents such as these are scams which PayPal can’t involve themselves with, and they referred me to the Ebay Outsourced Call Center. eBay owns PayPal so it is one and the same. Plus paypal handles the money transfers so trying to blame eBay for taking my money is absurd.

Posted: October 16, 2014 at 6:35 pm


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