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PayPal Never Returns Emails

By Dan

I had a claim going through paypal. they said i was due a refund although ‘couldn’t gurantee a full refund, read user agreement’ and gave me a link to a massive long page full of bumf. I don’t have the time to go through masses and masses of their garbage. Anyway… they said i would have to pay to return the item. I thought this was a damn cheak seeing as I had already been scammed by globaltrader selling on ebay, but I just wanted the issue resolved. The post office said it was going to cost £35 to post it back to canada(!!!) Paypal gave me the usual 10 day deadline to post the items back. I emailed them 4 times saying that I wasn’t going to pay to post this back and can they email me to let me know what to do etc… and guess what? They didn’t bother to email, just waited for the deadine to end. Paypal have been utterly hopeless, and ebay itself offers no form of protection. I’m a web designer by trade, and it’s w*nkers like these people that dampen the confidence of people buying over the web. Is there no one I can complain to? Is Paypal a law unto itself?


- Dan

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:58 am


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2 thoughts on “PayPal Never Returns Emails
  1. Dina Deandread on

    I am a buyer as well and find that their customer service sucks. Im done buying in to their reasons and im done signing in all together. From now own im using my pre paid card to make purchases to prevent problems like this!

  2. Sunday Blues on

    That’s just like paypal to hold off on your emails until the due date has pasted. They are a piece of work. What I would do is reach someone by phone 1-888-221-1161. Then provide them with proof that you responded in a timely manor. The only good thing about emails is that they are time stamped. I once had a representative at eBay tell me that they overlooked my email because they get so many and it was hard to “filter through” all the spam. Give me a break! After the run around and that half ass answer I never used paypal again, I went with a merchant company, not having to sign in to conduct transactions or reach for support is great.