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Can Paypal just take what they want from people’s bank accounts?

I recently sold some antique marbles to a person in the UK. Upon receiving them, stated a couple of them had been polished. Shortly after that she stated they were all polished. I gave her (2) options, she could keep the marbles and I would refund half the money if she sent me pictures to prove her accusations or I would refund $200.00 immediately and the remainder after I received the marbles back and inspected them. She pushed hard for the half refund without sending pictures. When I refused she reluctantly agreed to the full refund. I PayPaled her the $200.00 and then she filed a case with PayPal for the remained of the return. At the time I had more money in my PayPal account than the amount of the remaining return. PayPal froze all my funds and would not let me get out the money not needed for the return (approximately $200.00).
PayPal’s policy is to refund the buyers money as soon as the postage tracking shows the package has been delivered. They do not give the seller a grace period to inspect the items. I could have received an empty box and would then have to file a police report before I could get PayPal to do anything. Then it would just be my word against the buyers.
Trying to contact PayPal was a nightmare. Hard to get through their automated phone system and when you do you are on hold for at least 10 minutes if not longer. Once you do get to talk to a rep, they do not speak fluent English which makes explaining the issue next to impossible.
The buyer eventually did not provide a tracking number and the case was switched to my favor. I had to argue with PayPal about their time limit on providing tracking. This took (3) phone calls. I quickly transferred the money into my bank, but have to wait the 3 to 5 days it takes PayPal to get this done. I won’t feel safe from PayPal until I have the money in my bank account, have closed my PayPal account, and done anything else I can think of to keep PayPal as far away from me and my money as I can. PayPal feels your money is their money. I wonder if they can just get into people’s bank accounts and take what they want?

Posted: April 19, 2016 at 7:28 pm


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2 thoughts on “Can Paypal just take what they want from people’s bank accounts?
  1. Thi Thu Ha Nguyen on

    I pủrchase with ebay for 3 items but I got charge for four items which I never receive. The fourth Item I got the reference number but I never know what it is but still got charge. How do I get back the money? I tried to contact Paypal but it takes forever to contact them. I am so frustrated.

  2. Cathy on

    I placed a order with a company back on the 28/6/16 when I didn’t receive it by the stipulated date i emailed them to where i was told that was late as the product was in high demand, (dont see how that is ny problem i was given a delivery day and it didn’t show up) but even still to get that reply took 3 wks or so. Not good customer service. Aftrr many emauls back & forth i was finally told that it was duenti paypal with holding their money so ther for they cannot effectively refund my money. And have forwarded me on to this page..
    Not a happy customer