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AboutPaypal.org is an Anti-Paypal website created with the sole purpose of exposing the horrors of doing business "The PayPal Way". We are committed to assisting the public in making an informed decision about PayPal.

This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..


AboutPaypal.org is an Anti-Paypal website created with the sole purpose of exposing the horrors of doing business “The PayPal Way”. We are committed to assisting the public in making an informed decision about PayPal.


If you see the email below, DO NOT click on the link.
Just delete the email from your mailbox.

“Congratulations! PayPal has successfully charged $175 to your credit card. Your order tracking number is A866DEC0, and your item will be shipped within three business days.

To see details please click this link.

DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE VIA EMAIL! This email is being sent by an automated message system and the reply will not be received.”

Thank you for using PayPal.

Largest Service Interruption in PayPal History”
October 13, 2004

Paypal merchants were outraged again this month due to one of the largest service interruptions in PayPal history. The interruption, which left thousands of paypal merchants without service, resulted in millions of dollars in lost sales for merchants across the country.  “We let our community down, and I want to apologize to the users who were affected by these issues,” chief executive Meg Whitman said in a conference call with investors. The sad thing is that most PayPal merchants don’t understand the importance of having a REAL MERCHANT ACCOUNT of their own. PayPal is not a real merchant account. PayPal’s week-long service interruptions certainly won’t help anyone’s business (including their own). 


If you would like to submit your own PayPal horror story, we would be more than happy to post it for everyone to read, providing that it is truthful and void of inappropriate language. Please feel free to submit your story by clicking HERE.

Should I use PayPal to Accept Credit Cards Online?

PayPal Provides you with a PayPal Account and not a Real Merchant Account. Your money is deposited into a PayPal account, which PayPal Controls, rather than your own bank account. If PayPal even wonders for a second about the validity of a transaction, they can Freeze Your PayPal Account Immediately and suck all your money out. They can even pull your money directly out of your personal bank account, many times without even a phone call or e-mail. If you think PayPal treated you unfairly and want to dispute their decision, You Will Be At Their Mercy as PayPal plays the role of the Investigator, Judge, Jury and Executioner in all issues regarding your account. (You agreed to all of this, when you signed up.)

Sound fair? We don’t think so.

Explaining your version of what happened, in most cases seems to make no difference. They will refuse to provide you with detailed information from their investigation and will not disclose documents they relied upon to make their decisions.

You should expect to wait At Least 6 Months Before You See Your Money Again. In some cases, the wait time can exceed 6 months and run into a shady Grey area, where “Never” Seems To Be A More Realistic Time-Frame.

If you want to complain about it, Paypal seems more than happy to give you the run around with Terrible Customer Service including extra long hold times, delays, and dead-end auto-responder e-mails like this one:

[Thank you for contacting PayPal. We apologize for the delay in responding to your service request.

After review, the decision has been made to keep your account locked. This decision cannot be appealed.

If you have any further questions, please reply to this email.]

Press them a bit harder and you may convince them to do an investigation. However, don’t count on PayPal considering your side of the story in the investigation. Just consider this an easy way to Blow You Off And Get You Off The Phone.

PayPal Won’t Do That To Me

Are You Sure? After all, there are thousands of detailed horror stories posted all over the web about people being Robbed, Abused, Unfairly Treated, Lied To And Scammed By Paypal. If you don’t believe it, just type in (PayPal froze my account) into any major search engine. You’ll discover thousands of businesses that were ruined by PayPal (And these are only the ones that decided to post their stories online.)

Sadly, everyone who gets burned by PayPal thought it couldn’t happen to them, and then it did. We strongly suggest getting a Real Merchant Account so this won’t happen to you.

If you would like, you may Submit Your Own PayPal Horror Story. As long as it is truthful, we will be more than happy to post it on our website for everyone to read.

I Can’t Find a Paypal Contact Number

Isn’t it obvious that PayPal doesn’t want you to find it? The number is buried in their website on purpose. However, It’s easy to find right here, on our home page: (402) 935-7733 or 877 672-9725

Unfortunately, Your Wait Time Can Exceed 20 Minutes. This will give you plenty of time to calm down and absorb the realization that you just lost control of your money and the credibility of your business.

If Not PayPal, Then Who Should We Use?

Without a doubt, you should get a Real Merchant Account. Years ago, Real Merchant Accounts used to cost a lot upfront, making PayPal the next best thing. However, many merchant account companies are now offering free setup, free application, instant approvals and charge nothing upfront. Incredibly, the transaction rates are usually lower with a real merchant account. And unlike PayPal, with a real merchant account, you are in control of your own money. Click Here for our Top Merchant Account Pick.

How Does PayPal Affect My Credibility?

Many people associate businesses that accept PayPal with start-up/on-line garage sale/here today, gone tomorrow auction sites etc. Why start your business out by associating yourself with that classification of business? You could be setting yourself up for a quick failure. If you are already using PayPal, save yourself the likelihood of suffering damage to your business by switching to a Real Merchant Account.

I am a 100% Legitimate Company Accepting PayPal.

Great! Well,..it’s great that you have a legitimate company, not that you accept PayPal.

First of all, the mere fact that you offer PayPal as the preferred credit card processing method on your site Can Add Question To Your Legitimacy. Potential customers could have questions in their mind like: “How old is this company” or “Is this company’s credit so bad that they couldn’t get set up with a Real Merchant Account?” or “Is this company just a start-up, garage sale/auction site of some kind?” Don’t feel bad. Many businesses have been led to believe that PayPal is the best solution for their business. Accepting Credit Cards with a Real Merchant Account will actually add to your credibility. Offering Paypal can cause the opposite effect.

Does PayPal Care At All About Your Concerns?
Here is a clip from the San Francisco Chronicle:

Plaintiffs in the proposed class action suit say PayPal has a backlog of more than 100,000 unanswered complaints (are any of these yours?). A common allegation is that the company brushes off or stalls customer grievances for months and meanwhile freezes the customer’s account and pockets the interest (that’s how they make their money). The ruling by U.S. District Judge Jeremy Fogel of San Jose says PayPal has a mandatory arbitration policy that is unfair to customers who complain that their accounts are being mishandled. (finally, the truth is revealed!).

Do Everyone A Favor And Link To Us

If you are on this site, chances are that you have been burned by PayPal. Here is your chance to get back at them, while helping others avoid the nightmare you went through. Place a link to www.aboutpaypal.org on your website. Help Spread The Word. Tell others to link to us. Submit Your Own PayPal Horror Story. Take advantage of your constitutional right to speak freely. Why sit quietly while others get bullied by PayPal?

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