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PayPal Refused My Credit Card

By Patricia

I got a PayPal credit card about 6 months ago. I used it one time, no problem. I went to use the card the same day again and it was refused. I got home, madder than you know what and called PayPal to ask WHY. After they asked me million questions they finally said that my account had been turned over to the Probate Department. I told them I was NOT dead as far as I know but they had to have proof. I told the girl I was not dead or I would not be talking to her. I never received a statement for the first purchase for about 3 months. then I got a nasty phone call about it. I told the girl what had happened and she said it was still in the Probate Department but they wanted money. I told them when they return me to the living and that they better not submit anything to the credit agencies or I would sue them and if they ever wanted their money they better straighten this mess out fast.

It took them 6 months to bring me back to life.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:51 am


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