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PayPal is not releasing transfer I made from my bank account

Since September 9th I have been writing in vein to PayPal to release a $500.00 transfer I had made from my Bank account to my Paypal account. They had asked me to let them know if I had travel plans so that my account could function smoothly. I told them when and where I would be travelling and once I left the country they blocked my access to funds due to “suspicious activity”.

They ask me to prove my identity by sending a text code to my cellphone. I wrote and told them that I cannot access my USA phone from overseas. They just send me automated replies that do nothing to solve my problem.

I have written them 4 long letters and I only receive intermittent automated replies or replies from outsourced reps that have obviously not read my problem or addressed its cause.

In another 2 weeks it will have been 2 months since they have blocked my access to my own money. I ave even asked them to just return the funds to the bank account from which I made the transfer to them…they do not respond.

There is a place in “my Account” to change or add a phone number to your account, but it only accommodates local 10 digit numbers and İ am not able to put in the Country code.

Paypals’ Customer Service is absolutely the worst…they are a literal nightmare! I am now convinced that they act with mal-intent and float our funds as the keep us occupied and waiting with bull crap automated replies.

Posted: October 27, 2014 at 6:33 pm


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