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PayPal rep. misinformed me and because if that my account was put on hold

Hi, im having several problems with my ebay and paypal account i am a high seller i sell 80 to 100 items per month and these companies screw me every month….It all started when my invoice was due and i called ebay customer service to discuss my options i asked the represenative if i was ok to pay my invoice by the 15th he told me that the money for my invoice would come out between the 15th and 17th of feb….I made sure several times that he was correct because i didnt want my ebay suspended he advised me that i would be fine the next day my account was on hold i called the supervisor seen that i was misinformed by the representative and fixed the problem she apologized many times and said that she took the hold off my ebay and paypal. well several days later the system automatically put my account on hold again i was so upset i was told that i would be taken care of and that my account would be fine so on the 13th i payed my invoice 208.00 anyways because i wanted to be done with it…

In the mean time because of this customer service represenatives mistake my pay pal account funds are on hold i cant get my funds right away to ship peoples stuff, i cant print any shipping labels because i dont have access to my funds. i met all the requirements months ago to be a active ebay seller and they had their monthly annual review and they put me below seller standards because of me being misinformed. i got 4 negatives over this and lost all my privleges with pay pal of recieving my money right away when they pay. i cant do this anymore its always something with both ebay and pay pal i did nothing wrong at all this was not my fault if somebody would read the notes and actually dig people would see the remarks that this represenative made a huge mistake i should not of lost my priveleges please help me i cant get to my funds they put a hold on them i dont want anymore negatives

Posted: March 26, 2014 at 4:27 pm


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