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PayPal said we were too risky

As usual PayPal boots our business. We had about 1800 customers in 3 months. 1 customer made a complaint for 9.99, which was then refunded within about 2 hours, and a return label issued to the customer.

Customer was happy, dispute was closed cause of the refund.

We then get an email saying that we are just too “risky” to do business with, bye.

I fell out of my chair laughing.

Well not really. I then called them, and they basically read the email to me. I then annoyed them enough to reach the escalations department, and they read the same email lol..

I just hung up, washed my hands, and realized the ebay and paypal blow chunks, and I hope amazon sits and farts on them.

Posted: July 14, 2014 at 6:40 pm


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