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PayPal Ruined My Business

By Allen

I sell about 30-40 items a week on ebay.  I’ve been on ebay since 1999.  I’ve used Paypal since 2000.  Paypal was fun when it was new.  Now thay have some ridiculous “Buyer Complaint” feature that is grossly misused. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can contact Paypal claiming one thing or another about an item “not received” and Paypal will immediatly “freeze” the amount of that transaction until tracking is provided instead of informing you that a person requests tracking and if none is provided, the funds will be garnished or whatever.  $110 was taken out of my Paypal account just today due to just a circumstance.  I checked the USPS website and it was delivered 2 weeks ago to the buyer’s address!  Scam?  Maybe.  But even though it was shipped, I have provided USPS tracking to Paypal etc, Paypal informed me that it will take an undisclosed amount of time to “resolve” the issue.  In the mean time, I am out $110.00.

In addition, I lost $215 last week due to a chargeback from Argentina.  This joker, Francisco Gianni, with a “0″ feedback rating did a Buy It Now purchase on 3 shirts about a month ago and Paypal just now hit me with the chargeback.  This con artist said that he’d be paying me with a friend’s credit card.  I got an authorization from his friend, a certain C. Guerra, that the monies had been sent.  This authorization was sent from her personal email at MSN.  Ok.  It looked legitimate.  Francisco Gianni requested EMS shipping with tracking.  That was unusually expensive and hardly anyone requests that.  I was paid by credit card through C. Guerra’s Paypal account without a hitch and the rest is history.  Literally.  The shirts are gone, the people who conned me got a chargeback to their credit card and I’m left holding the bag, so to speak.

C. Guerra (using the same email address in the Chargeback claim as the one used to say it was ok to ship to her friend) is the one that filed the chargeback claim against me!  I emailed her at the email address she initially wrote me from—if it was a legitimate email address, someone would certainly have replied one way or another, wouldn’t you think?

I have all of the paperwork in order to go to the Postal Inspector to investigate fraud.  What will I accomplish?  Maybe nothing but at least I’ll lose fighting for what’s mine.

Paypal has also garnished $109 from me for another “buyer complaint”.  Item Not As Described.  It sure as heck was as described.  It was a brand new suit, he claims that it was washed and ruined.  Well, I didn’t wash and sell a $1200 Hugo Boss suit.  Maybe HE did.  Now he wants a refund.  I told him NO!  He went crying to Paypal and they took out $109 from my Paypal account. That was a MONTH ago and they’ve still not satisfied my curiosity as to when they are going to wrap this up or what exactly they’re doing.  They did, however, tell me that if he ships it back he will be awarded the funds.  He could ship back a BAG OF POTOTO CHIPS and as long as he has tracking, he’ll be awarded the money back.  How is this fair?

Due to this and some other issues, I feel that I will end my ebay days.  It is truly much to taxing on me emotionally and physically.  They are far from being on the side of the seller.  You know, I could just sell a bunch of stuff on ebay and send the buyers BAGS OF POTATO CHIPS and as long as I sent the tracking to Paypal, I’d be covered, right?  Paypal is NOT your pal.

Disgruntled and Tired in San Antonio

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 7:40 am


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