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Paypal sees a growing business as a threat

Paypal froze our account (and it remains frozen as I write) because of ‘an increase in payments.’ Now I think that one of the main purposes of running a business is to generate ‘an increase in payments.’ They have asked for a huge amount of highly detailed and, in some cases, confidential, information and also for information which, in some cases, we are contractually bound not to to give out to third parties. I did not go in to business with Paypal I simply wanted to use their service to process payments and pay for supplies. Yet they are acting like the boss of me. I don’t see what right hey have to hold payments made to me. My customers are happy and I have no complaints/disputes/chargebacks. So where did I go wrong besides from using paypal? Wish I had seen this site before I signed up for their “service”

Posted: June 10, 2013 at 7:16 pm


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One thought on “Paypal sees a growing business as a threat
  1. Darren Nelson on

    Paypal are another .com coprp that think they own your money and also think they are above the law in every country on the planet.
    They charge a lot of money to dictate to you and do as they please with your funds i think its a total disgace and they need kicked into touch.