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Paypal is selling my information

I have been forced to use paypal twice this last month for shopping online. I had been given the option of using credit cards, but they (paypal) make it almost impossible with the way they set up the option buttons, so I had to use them. Years ago I did the same thing, using paypal to pay for a hotel room. I consequently got tons of spam from people pretending to be paypal, advising me I need to resubmit account info due to some error, etc. so clearly they don’t/didn’t have very good security. Recently, on an online purchase I had to register with them again for a purchase in a small city in Mexico. Well, next thing you know, I’m getting bombarded by travel agencies offering me deals to go to this small city..paypal wasted no time selling my email address…assholes. There is nothing secure about using Paypal they will sell your information to anyone willing to pay. They should be shut down.

Posted: June 7, 2012 at 3:36 pm


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2 thoughts on “Paypal is selling my information
  1. Jackie on

    OMG so true. Right after I singed up with paypal to purchase a beach chair (the seller only took paypal and I really wanted the chair) my inbox started filling up with all sorts of e-mails about outdoor gear and summer wear. I do a lot of online shopping and usually use my credit card all the time without any problems the one time I had to use paypal I had nothing but problems

  2. Angel Smith on

    Paypal shopping use to be an annual tradition for my family and I. We would stay up until the wee hours of the morning, waiting for Cyber Wednesday to take place so we could get the best deals. Ebay and its subsidiary made sure that we will never use their services again. Last year we ran into a couple of bad apples that ruined our buyer rating and provided us with crappie items. We contacted paypal about this and they did nothing to help us. I don’t sell much online but I do know that I won’t use them when I do. After looking around I found that there are other places to process with in both selling and buying. They are completely dishonorable for giving out your information, but it doesn’t surprise me that they would stoop that low. Change as much as you can (email, phone number, etc) and try and move on.