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PayPal sides with 15 year old kid who scammed me

I am a 7 yrs member of eBay and PayPal with 200 positive feedback. On april 16 th I sold brand new in the box DJ System for $220 (worth $350 in stores)Buy it now or Best offer option. Buyer paid full asking price. He had 0 feedback. After 7 day he sent the complaint that some button is not functioning properly and he wants his money back. I emailed him to send it back to me even though listing stated that there is no refund. If something happened and it’s not working I think it’s fair to give customer his money back. He still just kept emailing me in one short sentence “I just want my money back” for which I kept responding please send it back….what he kept ignoring. Finally got a hold of his phone # after a month (the one on eBay record was fake) and called to talk to him. I find out that this is a kid 15 yrs old and parents pretend or maybe really didn’t speak English..I felt they pretend and left it all up to their son. I tell him that it’s already been past a month and that I will just transfer the warranty to his parents name. He sounded very polite and agree with me to do that. Next morning I see that he filed I case against me and PayPal stole $220 out of my account. Before that of course I’ve called PayPal and eBay numerous times to consult about this buyer who refuse to return DJ but asking for money back. DJ system came in the mail but without instruction and warranty. So I appealed the case. I’ve sent PayPal all the email/evidence/proof between me and the buyer to prove that I tried to work with him and this time all I’m asking is for instruction and warranty because without it DJ system is useless because I can’t test it without the instruction that came in the box when I sent it to the buyer. All this has been going on for over a month and yesterday I get email that PayPal denied my appeal because buyer now complained that the DJ came in without the paper. He quickly changed his story now and they believed him. I’m out of $220 +seller fees that PayPal charged me + I have a useless DJ that I can’t test if is in the working condition. I can’t even donate the DJ to some less fortunate kid. My selling on eBay is DONE.I feel I have been a loyal seller and buyer on eBay and PP and this is how they brought the judgement against me like I’m some kind of criminal. I feel I have been discriminated against and there is nothing I can do about it. totally unfair. I think this kid was out to scam me from the beginning.

Posted: May 15, 2012 at 3:57 pm


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3 thoughts on “PayPal sides with 15 year old kid who scammed me
  1. Dillion on

    This is typical paypal. They side with the buyer even though you trued to make right by the siututation. They screw everyone in their path. DO not use paypal anymore!

  2. Kitty Clyde on

    What is a 15 year old doing with a paypal account to begin with?? That is against Paypal’s rules. Should this not be an automatic win for you? I think so. Seems to me like not only is the kid out to scam you looks like Paypal is in on it as well.
    Loyalty is nothing either Paypal or eBay values and this is something you had to find out the hard way. Sorry

  3. Leo Dennis on

    This defiantly looks like it was a plan scam. Unfortunately, PayPal doesn’t take this under consideration. For some reason they only look at the buyer side and never the seller side. How they think without the seller they can conduct business, I have no idea. They have no protection for us sellers what so ever. That is why I went with another company which is threw merchant Inc. Try them, you will notice the difference. Good Luck to you.