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PayPal stole my money

Sold a trailer to a guy for his job site. Transferred $6,000 from his company card into his PP account, then into mine. PayPal gave the OK to ship.

FOUR MONTHS LATER he and his boss parted ways, so the company challenged the charge. I contacted the buyer, and he removed the challenge because he still had the trailer. PP put my money back and told me it was a done deal, all taken care of.

A month later, now FIVE MONTHS AFTER THE PURCHASE, I get an email that says the dispute has been resolved in the BUYER’S favor and my $6k is gone.

Suing in small claims for negligence (they didn’t verify the charge with the OWNER of the card), and 2 counts of violating the PP User Agreement (I proved it was delivered but it didn’t matter and their first decision in my favor is supposed to be final).

Posted: November 11, 2015 at 9:27 pm


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