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Paypal Stole My Roomates Money Because Of My Account!

By Matt

Paypal has the worst customer service I have ever seen. They give you the run around. Okay heres the story. My paypal account was frozen becuase of some buyer complaints which I provided tracking numbers for and they said they didnt get. (BS) Well since they saw that my roomate had a paypal account with the same address they decided they had the right to freeze that account also.

My roomate does not have my last name, has a different phone number, a different bank account. This is not right. She called Paypal and spoke with a gal name Patricia. Patricia emailed her stating that she would escalate the matter to the the executive escalations people at Paypal which Patricia said dont take calls..sounds convient right.. well we didnt hear from anyone in a few days so we called again and yelled this time.

Well needless to say Patricia did not escalade the matter. She lied to her. They told her that they will hold her money because they are affraid that I will use her account. I never heard of anyone that can do this.. I spoke with a real bank and they couldnt believe it. We are still fighting to get her money out of paypal pending 14 days and my account has been frozen for about 45 days. Matter of fact a few of the buyers received there good and there money back from paypal and we ended up with nothing. BEWARE OF PAYPAL!!!!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:32 am


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