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PayPal Sychrony Bank

It is very wrong when PayPal/EBAY force sellers to choose the green circle with a plus (+) sign instead of the red circle with a minus (-) sign. All feedback written is negative. When I called several times & emailed EBAY & asked them when they were going to get this “Scammer” off EBAY they always said they will. When I reported this “Scammer” he was at 32 perfect feedbacks the next time I called he was at 36 the next time 38 the email I sent he was now at 40 by the time I filled out the IC3 form this “Scammer” was at 48 perfect scores. I told EBAY that it is not only against the law to force people who sale to leave false feedback but its even worse when they buyer has to go through all this crap. The day EBAY took this “Scammer” off EBAY was the next day after I informed EBAY I was filing an IC3 form out on the FBI website which partners with White Collar Crime. The next day I got six (6) emails informing me this “Scammer” had been removed. This “Scammer” was at 48 perfect stars the day I told EBAY I was going to file the IC3 form amongst other complaints I was going to file with state & federal agencies.

Posted: May 6, 2015 at 7:27 pm


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One thought on “PayPal Sychrony Bank
  1. R H on

    Sellers cannot leave a (-) Neg Feedback on eBay, only the buyer can, so am not sure who the scammer is here. The buyer can put a seller out of business if they desire, but a seller has no recourse for a buyer.