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PayPal treats the person who sells like a crook

In my dealings with pay pal,

19 months ago I sold a computer as is on ebay. The person who bought it filed a complaint 4 months later and said it did not work and wanted his money back. It went though the ebay process and they told me I had to give the money back. When I got the computer back the wires had been cut in the case. the DVD/RW’s were now CD/RW’s and the cpu was in a sack and memory was not the same. I had to eat it.

Now last Thursday a person who bought a new cpu from me did a charge back with Pay Pal 4 months after he paid for it saying he did not authorize payment. So now Paypal says I have to give him his money back but he does not have to send the cpu back.

Why does ebay and paypal do this? They treat a person who sells like a crook. I have been selling on Ebay for 5 years and now it is getting bad.

Posted: August 4, 2015 at 7:51 pm


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2 thoughts on “PayPal treats the person who sells like a crook
  1. eat sh1t on

    eat it! paypal is like an arm in your ass.

  2. eBayBlows on

    Please file a court case against eBay in your local city for the maximum that you can sue for. Specify the nature of your complaint and what you want for relief. This activity by eBay is criminal. They are allowing thief’s to use their payment gate for fraud. This is why PayPal had to split from eBay because it’s now time for them to make changes. They along with PayPal ripped so many people off, they now have split off, or sacrifice themselves to a major FBI investigation.