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PayPal Tried To Get Me

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

On dec 1 st 04 I bought a watch from a seller from japan.  Well paypal never sent the seller his money ,when I contacted paypal they tried to confuse me saying it was my error.

Well they gave me the run around for almost 3 weeks. I received my purchase promptly, however the buyer was wondering why I had’nt paid him …anyways, not until I got fed up and not getting anywhere, did I email threating them with my lawyer and ” exposing them to your web site”.

I received a response within 6 hours that the seller had been paid that same day. what a coincidence hugh? they tried to stiff the seller 106.00 , however I had received my item, but that was not the point, just like myself I wonder how many other victims have gotten stiffed by paypal? I had never had any problems with paypal for the 2 years Ive been using them , but now, I’m very concerned about using them again.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:52 am


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