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Paypal will turn your business in to a sinking ship

So I started a new business and suddenly the growth started going well.

As soon as this happened PayPal locked my account down, requesting additional information to be able to open it up again.

They initially requested photo ID, proof of address and business details. I provided all of this info.

Then they began talking about invoices for all the items I was selling, I explained that I buy damaged items from private sellers, fix them and sell them on for a profit, for this reason there were no invoices.

They then dug into my past, I had previous personal accounts with PayPal that were unresolved, they brought this up even after I explained to them that the account I was currently operating under was a business account, relating to a separate legal entity than myself as a person, and it was unfair and unethical to penalize a business for the actions of an individual.

They paid no heed whatsoever to my words and continued to respond to me in parrot fashion, not taking anything that I had said into account at all.

This is still going on and everyday I am becoming ever more hopeless that I will receive my money back from them.


Posted: April 5, 2016 at 7:17 pm


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One thought on “Paypal will turn your business in to a sinking ship
  1. Shiela Smith on

    Hi I just wanna say I understand your frustration because if that happens to me I will feel the same but come to think of it. PayPal is a financial entity where in security is their priority, I believe not only them but5 most of financial entities. our background records will really affect our present and future. I believe your current busness and the old personal acct has something to do with one another. it is you, you have a bad records sometimes we also have to think that it is not always this businesses causes us trouble but ourselves to. if you just fix your problem and didn’t run away with it do you think you will have a problem… you know here in the US our credits score and financial record is important and if we dont keep it in good standing its not them who will pull us down but it is us who gives us problem. I am not pro PayPal but I just wanna make sense to everything… bad things about us America we can’t accept facts that sometimes it is ur fault we always try to blame others with bad things happened to us. sorry but just being realistic here