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PayPal With Reverse Deposits

Writer Wishes to Remain Anonymous

When I disputed items that were purchased on ebay and immediately returned to the merchant when we found out the items were forgeries. Paypal decided they would not allow the chargebacks or the items to be disputed since paypal couldn’t recover the money from the merchant. So in retaliation paypal’s agent called me (that’s right folks someone actually called me from paypal) the woman from paypal said I needed to stop the dispute because it would cause hardship on paypal when I refused guess what paypal did?

First, Paypal went into my bank account and tried to REVERSE thousands of dollars worth of deposits from the last few months. BEWARE, if you electronically deposit money into your bank account paypal can REVERSE the deposits.

Also, The paypal agent got downright vindictive and went into a seperate paypal business account unrelated to the dispute and seized the money from that account too. Thousands upon thousands of dollars over the disputed amounts. When I called the agent and told her what she was doing was illegal, she said that she could do whatever she wanted because the user agreement allows them to use “whatever means necessary” to make sure paypal makes money and never takes a loss.

They even stopped payment on the other account checks that were already deposited claiming that “the checks were undeliverable and had been returned to paypal”. The agent even admited she lied to get the checks bounced and told me that next time I should do what she tells me.

It’s been months and I still don’t have my money back.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:08 am


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