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PayPal provided wrong delivery address to seller

A few years ago I ordered some sheets from a vendor who used paypal. My credit card was charged, but the sheets were delivered to someone else’s address. I drove to the other address and met with the homeowner, who claimed they didn’t receive the box. I contacted paypal. Paypal basically told me to take a hike, the product had been delivered. I pointed out that it was delivered to the wrong address (and not my home address which was clearly on the order). I ended up refusing the charge via VISA, who refused the charge from paypal.

Now, years later, I tried to buy some software from a company who takes NOTHING but paypal. OK, fine, I entered my credit card info, but paypal refuses to use it. A card that I have used consistently for years and still today use. PayPal apparently doesn’t want to do business with me (and I them), but I have no alternative to get the software I want. Paypal simply ignores my repeated attempts to go through them, probably because they know that VISA will protect me from their fraudulent operation.

Posted: September 18, 2015 at 6:41 pm


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