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Getting nowhere with Paypal’s customer service

I recently won a Paypal Dispute against an idiot buyer. I have contacted customer support about the negative feedback she has left me as revenge. It is totally unfair and inaccurate. I could not get anywhere with the idiot at customer service. He was argumentative and rude. I am fed up with the inept customer service of these Delhi idiots that do not know what they are talking about and always take the side of the buyer. I have been selling and buying on Ebay for may years and am a 100% member. (OR I WAS). I was on the phone for over an hour and got nowhere. Ebay is seriously deteriorating and I am thinking of taking my business elsewhere. Could someone other than a Delhi idiot review my case and remove this ridiculous negative feedback

Posted: May 5, 2014 at 5:03 pm


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One thought on “Getting nowhere with Paypal’s customer service
  1. Edward Ronald Jennings on

    Hi Is there a phone number so I can call you, I have had to change all my bank cards and I wish to give you my new numbers but I don’t want to do this on the new. I thank you for any help you can offer Ted.