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What’s the point of using Paypal if I don’t get my money?

I think I set up the wrong type of paypal account. I’m very new to paypal and have only been using it for less than 2 weeks. I set up a personal account, thinking that I could use it for personal and business purposes. I own a villa rental agency in Bali and decided to try and invoice my customers on a rental for a few nights. Successfully, they transferred the funds into my account, but my account was suddenly “LIMITED”. I checked through my invoices and it asked me to put in a shipping & tracking number of my product. My company provides services for people who want to rent villas in Bali. I’ve already received 2 transactions, but I am unable to withdraw the money from my account.
How do I change my account so it doesn’t limit me? I can’t run a business like this, What’s the point of using Paypal if I don’t get my money?

Posted: August 5, 2014 at 6:03 pm


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